Women’s upper garments : 大襟衫 (right buttoned unlined garment)

大襟衫 (right buttoned unlined garment)

The clothing is very commonly worn by the Hakka women. It is seperated into 2 kinds. the short ( 短衫) and the medium long (中长). The short is wore during the beginning of summer to the mid autumn, for the weather is warm, the long medium is wore furing the spring and winter when the weather is much colder. The short  appeal much to the younger hakka girls whilst the medium long are more liken to be worn by the older woman who are wives. the construction of the 2 kinds of clothing is much the same, the buttons are at the right. And they differ in the height and width . The short  used  blue , grey , black and maroon cotton or ko-hemp as the main material. Very few is made of silk. The medium long uses the same material but differs in colour. The medium long colors have much vibrant colours on the sleeves rings and the rim of the buttons. The short mostly doesnt have.


The 大襟衫 (right buttoned unlined garment) is suitable for most age group of the Hakka females. Different HuiAn ‘s short shirt, the hakka however have the value of  “movement without exposing shoulder, sitting without showing the buttock.” The medium long wore are by the wives, older woman . It is suited for many kinds of activity, be it farming, visiting, housework. The uniquity od the clothing is about the conservativeness and not reveling od the body and also to appear plain and simple, elegant. It could also bring out the beauty of the shapely female body.  The right botton design enables the mother a simpler job in breastfeeding.

the short would have a raised collar, coupled with the fabric button and usage of bright colour fabric is eye catching and beautiful


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