Hakka wine making

Wine drinking is a common Hakka culture.People from all ages drink wine. Some Hakka provinces, will treat wine as tea at peaks of summer.  The wine also played an important role in celebrations as well as milestones of one’s life, for example, when one is getting married or celebrating its 50th birthday, graduate from school, babies been born, etc wine is been made. This wine played as a commemorative device. The wine mostly commonly referred as the yellow wine which is made from glutinous rice and was said that each Hakka household knows how to make it, more so is handled by the women in the family. Not only does the wine is used to shared with guests, it is also served as a gift. These gifts are especially evident in weddings, which the family of the bride will give it to the groom. when a child is born, the yellow wine , a chicken coupled with a string of firecrackers will be sent to the mother’s family to announce the good news.

info and pictures taken from http://forum.xitek.com/showthread.php?threadid=421307


1) selection: havest glutinous rice,  yield it at night will be better.
2) soaking glutinous rice in water for 2 hours

3) steam the rice in earthen jar, this process is important, firstly use strong fire to initiate boiling, maintain it with medium fire before it turns sticky,  do not scorch the rice.


4) Transfer the steamed rice into big jars , cool it in clean water


5) After 20mins, mix wine biscuit with the steam rice soaked it water, these will help in fermentation process.


6)Fermentation: in around 7 days, tilt the wine jar, then seal it properly for 2-3 months
(although wine extraction is possible it 2-3 weeks, but prolonged period
will increase  alcohol quality and prolong the livespan)


7)Extract wine: Press the distiller grains, seperate the wine “juice” fom the fermentaed rice . Put the wine juice to altar, seal it with lid , is to prevent bacteria



(8) place rice straw around the earth jar to heat the wine. Boil it for a day, this is to enhance flavoring.


9) let the wine to cool and leave it for a week. wine is ready for consumption after that.



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