on black

Often in the western, black is considered gloomy and relates to death, Black death, refers to the infamous plague. However, for the Chinese, It was regarded as “…. the colour of heaven in the Yi Jing (Book of Changes). The saying “heaven and earth of mysterious black” was rooted in the feeling of ancient people that the northern sky shows a mysterious black colour for a long time. They thought that the North Star is where the Tian Di (heavenly emperor) is. Therefore, black was regarded as the king of all colours in ancient China. It is also the single colour that was worshipped the longest time in ancient China. In the Taiji diagram of ancient China, black and white are used to represent the unity of Yin and Yang.

Ancient Chinese coloured pottery and black pottery represent the first peak in ancient China’s pottery-making technology.

(extracted from “The Role of Colours in Traditional Chinese Culture “)

BLACK – colour for young boys (who will continue the family/ ancestor lineages),
delving into the depth of something, flowing, dormant, conserving, immortality, stability, knowledge, trust, adaptability, spontaneity, power, career, will, emotional protection,  calmness vs lack of will

(extrracted from Symbolism of Colours, Asscociations of The Five Elements, Chinese Beliefs, and Feng Shui)

Thus, black symbolizes the beginning of something. Thus, they associate new born colour with black .


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