Hakka clothing

大襟短衫  [ 點選開新視窗看大圖 ]
“Dajin” short shirt

Hakka young women usual wear,  matches the black the trousers or the skirt. Has an axe shaped sleeve. The jacquard weave are Chinese tradition patterns examples are the pomegranate(石榴), the narcissus(水仙), the lingzhi(靈芝) , the loquat(枇杷) .

大襟短衫  [ 點選開新視窗看大圖 ]
“Dajin” shirt

The working women clothing.   The simple round collar and black strips which led to the button, brings out the beauty in the simplicity. The long clothes slightly extends to knee.

女背心  [ 點選開新視窗看大圖 ]

women’s singlet

The housewives’s singlet.  Silk woven and broad at the base, ancient china  precept said that of older women ate more meat, thus this clothing is more suitable of the aged women.
The girl unlined upper garment [spot chooses new Windows to look at big chart]
children’s singlet
Stand up collar, front, half long narrow sleeve, straight buckle. The front only then trims from the right half collar, may be clear at a glance this for the Hakkas style. 2~3 year-old female infant puts on, the black in the early time lives of the people are the important color, trims from this baby clothes may also result in proves.

Extracted from Hakka affairs Department , under hakka costumes . Translated with aid of babelfish

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