Hakka Documentary

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A informative documentary that talks about customs , culture and values for the Hakka people.  (in chinese)

Highlights from the documentaries

Hakka Round Houses :  These UFO-ish looking round houses are where Hakka resides. Not only providing shelter, the houses are strong built to fight against enemies, they also are fire, flood and earth quake resistant.  They are well-ventilated too . Inside these round perimeters contained other buildings of utility like ancestral temple, granary, school etc.

Customs: Keeping good relations with ancestors, The importance of one’s roots. A heirloom book  which records the ancestory as well as passing down of virtues  and values.  Diasporas of Hakka return to hometown to trace their roots.  Especially old Hakkas, It sort of becomes an natural instinct to return home, more evident when they reach a certain age.

Ancestral temples: Importance of these temples, these places are where Hakka discuss important matters  and for ancestral prayers

Stone Flags poles : These pillars places outside temples are trophies for accomplished scholars from the Hakkas. For it, they bring glory and fame for the particular family and their ancestors.

Spririt of Hakkas: entrepreneur spirit and ability to to take hardship.  It is because of the harsh and diaspora backgrounds they have.  Importance of woman in the household, Men out to work, women becomes head of house hold.


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